Professional Sewer Rodding, Drain Cleaning, & Repairs

Drain and sewer line blockages can occur in any waste line: sinks, bathtubs, or broken or obstructed sewer lines. Cahill provides fast 24-hour emergency service and expert rodding, drain cleaning, and repair services.


Cahill provides end-to-end service excavating, repairing, and restoring the site. Cahill has their own equipment and personnel for these projects.

Video Inspections

Specially made fiber optic cameras allow visual inspection of underground sewer lines and other piping to determine the conditions inside the pipe. A flexible rod with a high-resolution video camera on its tip is inserted into the pipe for inspection. Video images are transmitted to the camera operator for on-the-spot analysis or recorded for further review. Transmitters on the camera can record depth and physical location from the surface so defects and obstructions can be corrected quickly and cost effectively.

Please contact us to learn more: 847-864-5225.

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